The blog is the place to be, and the place to be seen.

Well, that depends on who you are and if our TMZ esque camera crew got you on camera in a compromising, or “not giving a fuck,” position.

Our blog is a constant reminder that people out there just don’t care about certain things.  We like to take those things and highlight them for the rest of the world to see!

The Zero Fucks Given Blog

This blog is the “hub” of all our marketing efforts.  It’s meant to make you laugh and get you to our website so you can see all of the wonderful, well thought out products that we offer.  We want you to follow us on social (see below) and keep you coming back for more.

We also want your real life examples of people giving zero fucks.  Please send them to us by using this contact form.  Every entry is submitted into a monthly drawing to win free #ZFG swag!

Smoking Baby Giving Zero Fucks