Jaromir Jagr Gives Zero Fucks

He’s a hockey legend and a sure fire Hall of Famer.  His mullet alone is probably worthy of being on the Hall of Fame ballot.  Obviously, with a salad like that, it’s clear that the Czech hockey great gave zero fucks back then, and he’s giving even less right about now.

18 Year Old Tries to Blackmail Hockey Great Jaromir Jagr

Yep, an 18 year old model asked for 50,000 Koruna’s, and the all time great scoffed at her.  This story is being widely reported but we always like to quote our favorite source, so check out the whole story on Barstoolsports.com unless you want to read the ZF Remix.

According to news stories, the legend had sexual intercourse with the model and she immediately snapped this below pic of the couple lying in bed.

Jaromir Jagr blackmail

She then asked for the money, Jagr denied her that request, and when she mentioned she would post the photo online, the current Florida Panther said “I don’t care.”


Jagr went up about 100 notches in our book today.  Not that he was ever to be questioned, but that’s just a statement of manhood right there!

Let’s think about this for a second from his point of view.

He’s in his forties, and an 18 year old model wants to publicly admit that they had sex and post a photo suggesting that they did?  Jagr did the right thing, saying “sure, go for it.”  That’s the  biggest sign of street cred he can have!  I mean what person is going to look down on poor Jaromir for this?  Seriously!

An in even better plot twist, apparently she is dating the captain of the Czech Junior national team.  This guy can’t be too happy, even if he grew up idolizing Jagr growing up.  Let’s face it, kid, the guy won a couple Stanley Cups and scored hundreds of goals in the NHL with his pal Mario Lemieux before you were even conceived.  Poor guy.

Just for the guys out there, here’s another pic of the model.  Check it out below, then go back to our home page to see what goodies we have that you can wear around and tell everyone that you give just as few fucks as Jagr!

Jaromir Jagr blackmail model