Josh Rosen’s Hot Tub

UCLA has a freshmen quarterback who is making headlines – for his dorm room hot tub!

Josh Rosen’s Hot Tub is Removed from Dorm Room

Talk about a sweet deal.  A hot tub in his room.  That’s a license to get busy with women if you ask us.  Here’s a famous pic that went extremely viral of the Bruins quarterback.

Josh Rosen's Hot Tub Dorm Room
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The hot tub went extremely viral and made waves on Twitter, where this photo was initially posted.  When school officials at the LA based University caught wind of the hot tub fun, they quickly moved to shut it down, citing that it was against school policy.

Over at, we salute guys who take a stance and fight for their right to party.

Josh, if you ever see this, free swag on us.  Unless that’s against NCAA rules or something like that.

Actually, we don’t give a single fuck if it is.