Miko Grimes Doesn’t Give a Single Fuck

There’s not really caring about what happens on social media, (just ask Jaromir Jagr) and then there is not giving a single fuck what you say on social media.  Miko Grimes, the wife is Dolphins defensive back Brent Grimes, chooses to live life by the latter stance.

Miko Grimes Tees Off on Ryan Tannehill

So, the Miami Dolphins are having (another) bad season.  Things have gotten so out of hand that they fired their coach, Joe Philbin, dating way back into the early weeks of the season.  Their interim coach, Dan Campbell, had a nice three game run before reverting back to the Dolphin way and having a losing record  the rest of the season.

To add insult to injury, the players wives are giving heat to the starting quarterback, Ryan Tannehill.

Okay, maybe not all of them. 

But Miko Grimes is!

Look the these gems on Twitter she laced after a week 16 loss.

Miko Grimes Tweet #1

Miko Grimes Gives Zero FucksIt’s hard to support talking shit about your husband’s teammate like that given all that’s at stake, but she happens to be right.

For her time entertaining us, we give Miko Grimes the “I don’t give a single fuck” award for 2015.  It’s the first of many awards we’ll give out over the years.  For your time, Miko, we ask you to contact us to get a Zero Fucks Shirt.